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Picking Presents

It’s no secret that I’ve become remiss in my blogging.  Instead of discussing how busy I’ve been in 2010, I’ll just jump in with my informal 2010 gift giving guide. If money is tight for you this year like it … Continue reading

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Flower Power

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and maybe that means a sickening amount of expensive chocolates, ugly heart jewelry, and overpriced flowers for most people–but it doesn’t have to mean that for you! I’ve been scouring the web for some simple and … Continue reading

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Know Your Surroundings

Since the new year, I’ve been making a concerted effort to prepare lunch at home on a daily basis and avoid eating out.  My friend Tash pointed out, however, that if you’re willing to look for a deal, it’s not … Continue reading

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It pays to shop

Part of playing the savvy shopping game is knowing when you’ve spotted a good deal.  Don’t be lured in with offers for things you don’t need in the first place, because that defeats the whole purpose of cutting back on … Continue reading

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