It pays to shop

Part of playing the savvy shopping game is knowing when you’ve spotted a good deal.  Don’t be lured in with offers for things you don’t need in the first place, because that defeats the whole purpose of cutting back on spending.

I’m always amazed by commercials on TV about how much you can save by shopping at Store X.  The lady walks out of the store with tons of bags in her hands–like she really needed new luggage, a down comforter, and a leather jacket all on the same day.  Remember, you’re only saving money if you get a discount on items that are already accounted for in your budget and if you can afford them without getting into debt.

There are some offers though that you really shouldn’t refuse!  If you are already planning on purchasing an item, whether it’s a gift for you or someone else, do some research ahead of time.  You can save by doing a quick search of coupons online, and there are even incentives offered by your credit card company.  Did you know that if you visit you can find a ton of deals for online retailers? Also, it doesn’t hurt to sign up for newsletters if there are savings you can actually use.  This Christmas while shopping for a friend, I signed up for the Celestefrittata newsletter and I got 10% off my first purchase.  I had already decided on the item I wanted to get her and it was an added bonus to get the discount.

Some people are annoyed by online retailers mailing lists.  I can see your point–I get my hopes up when I hear the you’ve got mail chime on my iPhone go off, only to discover that BevMo is trying to hawk wine at me.  But without putting your email down on those mailing lists, you’ll miss out on cool giveaways and special deals.  I think Celestfrittata’s Owl Post raffle is worth it, don’t you?

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